What is the Leadership Difference?

Our Philosophy

Whether it is leadership development, sales training, customer service excellence, resiliency, presentation skills, inspiration or any other of our over 40 course offerings we are confident you will be impressed by the Leadership Difference.

We take great pride in our excellence in service delivery. What makes us different? Our programs are integrated into your organizational culture. We want to know exactly what you want as an event outcome so that we can customize our message to your team. We love it when our clients tell us that Dave Mitchell “talks their language” and that “it was like he had a camera in our offices.”

What else makes us different?  Our programs are based on proven principles of applied performance and cognitive psychology delivered in an entertaining way to maximize transfer of learning.  Dave Mitchell is one of the most acclaimed speakers in the world and spent over 12 years in management and executive leadership positions in broadcasting, retail and hospitality before founding the Leadership Difference.  He is also an educator having obtained a masters of eductation degree in global human resources development from the University of Illinois where he also serves as an adjunct faculty member.  Check out his bio in the “Who” section for more details.

Most speakers show up with a canned presentation that requires the audience to figure out how to apply the speaker’s concepts to the organization’s situation. We don’t believe the audience should have to do that.   We provide proven organizational development solutions based in credible research delivered in an entertaining manner.  At the Leadership Difference, we strive to understand how to merge our expertise with the organization’s current needs.

Finally, and this is very important, we’re funny! We believe that adults learn best and remember longer when they can laugh at the same time. We call it enter-TRAIN-ment. Our clients call it “stand up comedy with a message.” We guarantee that your team will be repeating Dave-isms for a long, long time.

THAT is the Leadership Difference.