Wine, anyone?

When we tell our clients of the breadth of our services, it is the wine tastings that receive the most interesting reaction. Clients are simultaneously confused and excited. “Why wine education?” is almost always followed with “That sounds cool!”

Why not wine? So much business happens in the presence of wine. Go to any steak house in any major city and you will see business executives hammering out deals with the requisite trophy wine hovering near by.

One of the greatest joys of business travel is visiting great restaurants and experiencing interesting wines. So, yeah, wine education is cool and it is a perfect (ahem) pairing for business seminars.

Little did I know when I had that first curious sip of a white zinfandel about 30 years ago that I would be starting a journey that would lead all over the world of wine. Over the last three years, I have attended both the certified wine sommelier and the advanced wine sommelier courses offered by the International Wine Guild. This education has served me well in two ways: the personal enjoyment of fine wines and the ability to provide valuable assistance to our clients.

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And remember our wine drinking motto, “If you like it, drink it. If you don’t like it, drink it fast!” Cheers!