Client Testimonials

We love what we do and so do our clients. Here’s what people are saying about Dave Mitchell:


tld_clientslogomerchantileMichael A. Culbertson

Director of Mortgage – Mercantile Bank, Winter Park, Florida
President – Mortgage Banker’s Association of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
President Elect – Maitland Chamber of Commerce, Maitland, Florida

“As the President of Mercantile Mortgage, a full service Bank located in Winter Park Florida, I have had the opportunity over several years to work with David Mitchell and his team. As the head of the mortgage division, I have utilized David in various capacities, which would include training, motivational building and as a Key Note speaker.

David Mitchell brings a “sense of excitement and passion” to all of his presentations. When an announcement is issued to the employees that David Mitchell will be the speaker at an upcoming event or training session, I can always count on a large and captivated audience. His personal warmth and style is always appreciated by our employees and they never leave without gleaning new and important information.
It is truly amazing when David takes an audience that may be discouraged by what is happening in their world and fills them with hope and excitement. His personality and sense of humor leaves the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire presentation.

In closing, David Mitchell and “The Leadership Difference” will always be my first choice when considering and hiring a motivational speaker, educator or trainer. There are hundreds of speakers that offer their services across the country, but it is always hard to find one who is truly gifted in their field of endeavor.”

Stuart Needleman

Laurus Synthesis, Inc.

“Whenever I need training, I think of Dave. He has done an exceptional job every time we work together. His sessions are challenging, insightful and he keeps everyone engaged with his humor. He has the innate ability to see inside our organization. His message always carries a lasting impression for our team and it’s been a great investment for us. I would highly recommend Dave.”

tld_clientslogosubzeroSteve Dunlap

Sub-Zero and Wolf
Vice President of Sales

“At Sub-Zero and Wolf Appliance we don’t simply conduct training; instead we provide an “experience” for our guests that will leave an indelible impression about our companies, products and culture. An important part of the experience is Dave Mitchell.
Dave has the ability to grab the audience attention the minute he starts speaking and keep them engaged until the end of the day. We have been working with Dave for over two years and continue to hear from our guests that his seminars are educational and even life-changing. His professionalism and willingness to understand our business reinforces his credibility and allows us to take the Sub-Zero/Wolf experience to the next level.”

The Leadership DifferenceOlivier Chavy

Hilton Grand Vacations

Vice President, Resort Operations

“The conference would not have been the same if it weren’t for your outstanding ability to positively captivate an audience. You have a gift being able to set the vision and elaborate in the basics of obtaining a strong leadership for any type of company, while incorporating what I believe to be the key factor-FUN! Your presentations went above and beyond what I could have ever expected and we are all eternally grateful. I will be sure to contact you prior to our next year’s conference, in the hopes that you might again, be able to enlighten all of us with your positivity and optimism.”

Roth logoDenise Manu

Roth Distributing
Director of Marketing

“Dave is truly an amazing talent! I have heard him at least a dozen times, but yet I laugh at everything as if I have heard it for the first time! He is so engaging with a tremendous amount of content.”

united guarantyBill Faust

United Guaranty
Vice President – Field Operations

“At United Guaranty, our focus has been to empower our associates to best serve our customers. We operate two Underwriting Support Centers whose objective is to provide first call resolution to incoming customer calls. To be effective, this requires our associates to understand both the heart and art of service. Dave Mitchell has played a significant role in helping our management and associates create the environment and approach needed to become highly effective service providers.

Dave has positively impacted our communication styles, ability to build rapport, our teamwork and ability to work with others, our self awareness, and our overall team morale. All of this has improved our ability to serve our customer – which is the bottomline. This has been accomplished through training sessions that were fast paced, thought provoking and fun – we enjoy Dave’s ability to make us laugh together! Dave has truly made a positive and lasting impact on our service culture and our approach to doing business. I highly recommend Dave.”

Esther Eagles

President, Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau

“Dave Mitchell’s message is compelling, and he always shares great gems of wisdom with our clients.  I would highly recommend Dave as both a speaker and author!”

Kimberly Janson

CEO, Janson Associates, LLC

Former Vice President of Global Leadership and Organizational Development for H.J. Heinz

“I’ve used Dave and his Power of Understanding People workshop several times and he always leaves to a standing ovation.  His ability to keep people engaged and laughing throughout the experience and truly teach them something is incredibly powerful.  The great news is he has done the same thing in his book.  A must read.”

avitusWillis Chrans

Chairman, Avitus Group

“Investing in Dave Mitchell has been the best business decision I have ever made.  He is the most entertaining speaker I have ever heard, which is why he is so effective at getting his message across to the audience.”

Frank Fromme

Standards of Excellence (Sears)

“Of all of the trainings I have attended through SOE, our trade partners, and outside improvement courses I have taken, this was by far the best…It was a very valuable use of time and I thank you for the opportunity. In fact, I would be willing to pay my own money on my own time to attend an advanced session with this trainer… Not only did the program strengthen the natural abilities within me, it very positively pointed out, weaknesses and flaws that I have been blind to…I would have sat in the Hilton for many more hours with no objection. I don’t say this about too many trainings but I was so impressed that I had to let you know just how much of an impact this program can have.”

Mike Jackson

World of Powersports, Inc.

“I have managed businesses for the past 15 years and been involved in dozens of sales training seminars. In short Dave’s presentation was the best I’ve ever witnessed. His ability to excite the audience, adapt real life experience to the industry being addressed and instruct an auditorium full of sales persons, managers and business owners on the inner workings of the human psyche was incomparable…In times where closing ratios matter more; Dave showed us how to get it done. I would highly recommend Dave for speaking on any engagement. His ability to interact with the crowd, completely control the room, and fully understand the subject matter at hand was amazing.”

Don Van Eeghen

Airport Home Appliance

“I have been a student of the art of selling my entire life and would rank the presentation as the very best I have ever attended. This statement really means something, I believe, because I have attended literally thousands of meetings to improve my sales skills and facilitated hundreds of others in my 46 year appliance career.”