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From one hour keynote addresses to multi-day sales programs- we can fit your training needs. Check out some of our most popular programs below. Also, we can customize training programs based on your specific needs.

Dave’s Books

“The Power of Understanding People: The Key to Strengthening Relationships, Increasing Sales, and Enhancing Organizational Performance”

“Live and Learn or Die Stupid!: The Struggle for Happiness”

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Ensuring Training Endures Using Blended Learning Techniques

Here are just a handful of our keynote speeches and seminars

Keynote Address

Live and Learn or Die Stupid explores the characteristics of happy, successful people. Using audience interaction, comedy and introspection, Dave and the audience discover what it takes to achieve self- contentment. Taken from Dave’s popular book of the same name!

Reaching the Summit applies the concepts from Live and Learn or Die Stupid to professional performance. How do you obtain and sustain your full potential while remaining resilient and balanced in your life.

Note: Both of these keynotes are available as full seminars/workshops also. In fact, most of the courses listed below can also be tailored into a keynote format.
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Communication Enhancement

The Power of Understanding of People- Hollywood Style provides a better understanding of diverse communication styles. Based on Jungian psychology, it’s the perfect combination of pertinent human dynamics; laugh out loud humor and audience interaction. One of our most popular seminars!
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Customer Service

The Heart and Art of Service will make your clients come racing back for more of what you have to offer. Through a series of dynamic, humorous real-life stories Dave will help your team discover how to identify each customer’s “service hot button” and ensure that you exceed their expectations. From building rapport to executing service recovery, this seminar covers the entire customer service dynamic.
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Selling Skills

Selling Luxury Items – There is a big difference between being a sales person and a sales consultant and today’s discerning consumer demands the latter. Learn the unique perspective of luxury consumers and how to take your selling skills to the next level to meet the expectations of this growing and influential demographic.

Consultative Selling:  Expanding Your Market Share – participants will learn how to better understand the needs of diverse types of consumers leading to higher closing rates.  This course examines the behavioral cues of consumers, how to adjust your rapport building skills to better appeal to the consumer and how to frame your products and services so that they resonate with the customer.  Finally, we examine how to effectively handle objections from the consumer.  Increase your sales by expanding your market share and increasing your close rate!

A Call to Action- Persuasive Presentation Skills provides participants a chance to conquer their fear of public speaking and will transform your team into self-assured, persuasive presenters. This multi-day program includes classroom instruction, practice, evaluation, video-taping and follow-up written reviews. This high impact seminar is also a must for trainers, executives and marketing professionals.
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Breakthrough Leadership: Leading Transcendental Change will guide your team to a new level of sustained and consistent high performance. Dave will lead the participants through an interactive session of teambuilding, conquering with constant change and shifting from extrinsic to intrinsic needs fulfillment.

Certified Leader Program is your one stop leadership development program! You can choose the curriculum from a menu of over a dozen seminars ranging from Interviewing Skills and Creating a Motivating Environment through Coaching and Counseling Skills and the Fundamentals of Employment Law. Instant succession planning!  Plus, we offer our own online learning management system allowing participants to review classroom course content and take evaluations to measure learning.  It is an incredibly effective blended learning experience.
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Conflict Resolution

Dialectic Thinking:  It’s the Issue, Not the Person focuses exclusively on resolving conflict. Dave uses the “Rules of Engagement” to help attendees adopt a more effective mental approach to conflict, reducing concerns to issues rather than to people. Further, this class focuses on a step- by- step model for approaching, discussing and ultimately resolving issues that divide individuals.
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Peak Performance Management

Becoming Resilient! focuses on the personal characteristics of high performers and how we can develop these attributes within ourselves. Is it possible to excel in all aspects of your life without burning out? This course examines each attendee’s strengths and potential vulnerabilities as they strive to maximize their potential. Life changing!

Live and Learn or Die Stupid – The Workshop – this expansion on the popular keynote and book includes a series of worksheets, exercises and activities that will provide participants with a plan for meaningful life change. Do you want to be happier, more productive, more motivated, more satisfied…whatever personal improvement goals you may have, this workshop provides the means for achieving them!
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Wine Seminars

What is Your Wine Personality? – provides the opportunity to educate new salespeople on the fine art of business entertaining. This program ties valuable wine knowledge to communication styles and can be used as a team building event, teach rapport building techniques or to treat your VIP clients to an evening of fun.

Are You America’s Next Top Winemaker? – this team building activity allows participants to learn about wine making and each other while they develop their very own wine.  Watch team members bond during the naming of their wine, creating their blend, developing a marketing plan and submitting their creation to a panel of judges.  Hugely entertaining!
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Team Building

We offer a variety of themed approaches to team building including experiential exercises, game shows, and customized activities. Call us to discuss.
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*All training seminars can be customized for specific industries and clients. Most presentations can be tailored from a 60-90 minute keynote address up to half or multi-day interactive training sessions.